Webster grabs first as Mos lose out to Phantoms

result9_peterborough_141017A first Dynamos goal from Brandon Webster and another from Joshua Condren were not enough to prevent the Mos falling to a 5-2 road defeat at the hands of former EPL outfit the Peterborough Phantoms in the NIHL South Division 1 on Saturday.

The Dynamos travelled up the M11 without the services of key forward Callum Fowler with coach Kevin Parrish icing 14 skaters. Starting in the nets for the away side was Damien King.

Scott Bailey registered the first Mos shot on target just after the first minute – netminder Adam Long saving with his leg pad. With 3 minutes gone, Mason Webster intercepted a loose puck and after venturing forward he found Adam Rehak who hit a powerful shot which was saved again by Long.

The Phantoms’ Leigh Jamieson almost caught King out on 5 minutes, a slight flick on the puck had King getting down low to make a quick reaction save. A penalty on Darius Pliskauskas for slashing gave the first powerplay of the game to the Mos in the 6th minute although it was Phantoms’ James White who came closest to scoring but the forward only found the safe glove of King.

The Mos had another powerplay on 10.52 and within 7 seconds Josh Condren found the back of the net on the 2nd attempt after Long pushed out his initial shot for 1-0 to the Kent side. Damien King was to the rescue again on 18 minutes, saving at the feet of Owen Griffiths as the home side ended the period the stronger side but still down a goal down.

The Mos started with the same resilience in the second period, and on 22 minutes Harrison Lillis sent a stinging shot at goal – Long pulling out a brilliant save. The pressure continued from the visitors and Rehak had another shot saved in the 23rd minute with the rebound just falling beyond his stick.

Play switched up the other end with the Phantoms piling on the constant pressure which resulted in a chance for Salem that King gobbled-up with ease. The pressure continued but when Ondrej Zosiak gained control of the play he quickly surged forward and a spot-on pass found Brandon Webster to convert beyond Long for 2-0 on 27.05.

The Phantoms quickly replied in the 29th minute with King finally beaten – Darius Pliskauskas shooting into the net on the spin on his second attempt, assist falling to Greg Pick. The Mos gave away their first powerplay in the 32nd minute – George Hoang found guilty of tripping Pliskauskas in front of referee Hewitt. The visitors held out for over a minute but Ondrej Zosiak soon joined young Hoang in the box for a slashing call. The resulting 5-on-3 was enough for the Phantoms to level the scores on 33.59 through captain James Ferrara from close range – assisted by Nathan Salem and Leigh Jamieson.

The Mos still had the best part of 2 minutes to defend the Zosiak penalty and a combination of good closing down and the safe glove of Damien King saw the Mos return to full strength and almost regain the lead through Brandon Webster who had a shot from the right deflected wide by Long. The Dynamos suffered another penalty to defend on 38.38, Tommy Ralph guilty of delaying the game after hitting the puck over the top of the plexiglass. Josh Condren lost possession of the puck during the penalty kill which led to Damien King pulling off another big save to keep the Mos on par – but he was beaten on 39.47 with Leigh Jamieson putting the hosts in front for the first time of the evening, shooting from the blue line – assists coming via Pliskauskas and Griffiths for 3-2.

The final period started with both sides cancelling each other out in the opening 3 minutes. Scott Robson gave the Mos a penalty on 43.58 – for tripping Adam Rehak who was poised to shoot at Long. Long was called into action within the first minute of the powerplay – pushing out Mason Webster’s placed shot. After the Phantoms successfully defended the powerplay they took the attack to the Dynamos with King again on guard, clasping a Griffiths shot out of the air on 47.45.

A break led by Mason Webster and Louis Colvin on 49 minutes had Tommy Ralph shooting from the blue line but his shot fell kindly to Long. A big chance fell to Adam Rehak on 51 minutes, Louis Colvin sending him clean through but the Phantoms Scott Robson slashed the import just before he lined-up the shot. The resulting powerplay was frosting for the Mos, with them not troubling Long into a save.

The Phantoms doubled their lead on 54.39, William Weldon converting beyond the outstretched King – Leigh Jamieson playing the killer pass with the scoreline now on 4-2. The Mos didn’t help themselves soon after, Adam Rehak ending his participation of the night with a 10+2 minute penalty for cross checking and misconduct. The Phantoms increased the scoreline to 5-2 on 59:05 – Pliskauskas with the final goal of the night.

Man of the match for the Dynamos went to Damien King.

Written by Lee Allen.

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