SilverBlades introduce online ticket sales

onlinetickets_050917Invicta Dynamos supporters and travelling away fans will now be able to book their hockey tickets for the SilverBlades Gillingham online IN ADDITION TO to the options of paying in advance at the rink or at reception on the way into the venue on game day.

In 2017/18 supporters can secure their specific seat ahead of game day by purchasing tickets online using the SilverBlades ticketing system. Fans will then be sent an email containing their ticket information that must be brought to the rink and used to skip the queues on game day.

2017/18 will also see the SilverBlades take additional security measures by conducting bag checks on all supporters carrying bags as they enter the venue on game day. Bag searches will be as minimally intrusive as possible and only carried out to ensure the safety of all supporters. The cooperation of all fans is greatly appreciated in this matter.

The SilverBlades Gillingham will be supplying extra staff on game days to minimise the delay caused by any bag searches and allow supporters entry to the rink swiftly and easily.


Tickets can be purchased online up to a month before each home game at

Supporters must select the correct ticket option that applies to the person gaining entry (eg Student tickets must be purchased by students with a valid NUS card). This will be checked on entry into the rink. For details of which option to collect see ‘How to order online’ below.

Online tickets are subject to a 10% booking fee which is charged by the SilverBlades ticket system.

Season ticket holders do not need to book tickets online and their seats will be removed from the online ticketing system preventing other supporters from reserving them. Season ticket holders gain entry to the rink by bringing their season ticket with them on game day.

Supporters are under no obligation to book tickets online and will still be able to purchase tickets in advance from the rink or from reception on the way into the venue on the day of the game.


1 – Visit and select the fixture you wish to purchase tickets for.

2 – Click on the block you wish to sit in (eg Block A). You will be presented with a seating plan.

3 – Select which ticket type you require from the drop down list. Supporters MUST select the correct option that applies to the person gaining entry.

  • Adult £10.00
  • Child £5.00 (aged 15 and under)
  • NUSStuden £8.50 (must be in full time education and present a valid NUS card on entry to the rink)
  • InJunPlay £2.50 (applies to Invicta junior players only)
  • OAP £9.00 (aged 60 and over)
  • Fam4Adult £10.00 (must be purchased as one of 2x Fam4Adult and 2x Fam4Child tickets)
  • Fam4Child £4.00 (must be purchased as one of 2x Fam4Adult and 2x Fam4Child tickets)

4 – Click on the seat numbers you wish to book (eg F2 and F3). Note row A is the front row nearest the plexi.

5 – When you are happy with your selection select ‘checkout’.

6 – You will be prompted to create a SilverBlades account or login if you have an existing account.

7 – Review your booking details and select a payment method at the foot of the page to complete payment.

8 – Following a successful transaction you will receive an email that you must bring with you to the SilverBlades Gillingham to gain entry.



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