Streatham sink Mos despite Oravec double

A Michal Oravec double, alongside efforts from Andy Smith and Anthony Leone, was not enough to spare the Invicta Dynamos from a 7-4 road defeat at the hands of the Streatham Redskins in their penultimate NIHL South Division 1 encounter on Sunday.

Invicta lined-up minus the services of Mark Lee, Callum Fowler and Frankie Harvey which meant that Harrison Lillis stepped-up to the first line to partner Arran Strawson at the back with Adam McNicoll switching to play as a forward.

MichalOravec_banner_150315Play was barely a minute old when an Invicta break led by Michal Oravec resulted in a loose pass giving Streatham possession to break and score through Sean Scarbrough on 58 seconds – assists coming from Callum Best and Adam Wood. Redskins netminder Will Sanderson had a fairly quiet ten minutes before then finally being tested by Juraj Huska midway through. Further chances would fall to Michal Oravec, Nicky Lewis and Andy Smith as the Dynamos tried to pull level before the end of the first but, with just seven seconds remaining, Dominic Hopkins sent Jakub Klima free to spin his defender and fire in off of the post to give the home side a two goal edge at the break.

The second period started with Adam McNicoll hitting the home side’s goal frame on 21 minutes with netminder Will Sanderson merely a spectator but the metal coming to his rescue to leave the score at 2-0. Streatham’s game plan included an action to hustle and provoke the Dynamos imports and it came off on 21.47 when Juraj Huska finally reacted and dropped the gloves with Jack Tarczycki. The fight produced more shirt pulling than punches at first, with blows finally being traded as the pair hit the ice – each man receiving 2+2 for roughing. The scoreline was then 3-0 to the Redskins on 29.47 – Sean Scarbrough doubling his account for the night with a shot that hit the bar and bounced down towards the line with referee Blaine Evans awarding the goal. By now Invicta needed some magic and that finally came from the hard working Michal Oravec. The ex-Streatham forward was found in his own defensive zone by Anthony Leone and Nicky Lewis before he carried the puck all the way to Will Sanderson’s goal having beaten a couple of players to score on 33.44. More trouble soon erupted on 35 minutes – with Stewart Tait targeting Juraj Huska tempers started to flare with Harrison Lillis stepping-up to protect his forward. Streatham’s Jack Tarczycki left his own bench to get involved with Lillis and Tarczycki dropping the gloves. Lillis started with throwing more punches than Tarczycki but Lillis then hit the ice first before receiving three additional punches to face after he landed. Lillis would play no further part in the match due to the extent of the facial injuries. Penalties were handed to Lillis, 2+2+2 for roughing and Jack Tarczycki 2+2 for roughing and game+2+2 for leaving the players bench. With a powerplay advantage, the Dynamos took their chance to score on 36.06 through Michal Oravec again, assisted by Arran Strawson as the visitors grew further into the tie.

In the final period Mark McGill produced an outstanding save to deny Jakub Klima shortly before the Dynamos levelled it up when Anthony Leone prodded home a cutback from Michal Oravec on 41.11 to make it 3-3. Will Sanderson then saved from Juraj Huska and Adam McNicoll before Streatham regained the lead on 43.33 via Joe Johnston after Steven Fisher had broken-up a Mos attack. 4-3 was soon 4-4 however with Andy Smith equalising at 48.28 following good build-up play from both Huska and McNicoll. The goal trading would continue and at 50.09 Jakub Klima broke clear and seemed destined to score only for Arran Strawson to commit a foul and give Klima a penalty shot – the Czech unable to take advantage. Not long afterwards though, Callum Best did give Streatham a 5-4 lead on 50.52 with American Scarbrough claiming the assist. The Dynamos came close to getting level again on 51.36 but Sanderson blocked a couple of shots allowing Steven Fisher to finish Invicta off with two goals (57.06 and 59.08) to leave the scores at 7-4 and give the visitors their first defeat against Streatham this season.

So it was a loss for the Mos but with seven fewer players than their opponents and their second place finish in the NIHL South Division 1 confirmed it was one that would perhaps not damage the spirits of the travelling side. Less could be said for the nose of Harrison Lillis however who suffered a broken nose and endured a late night trip to the hospital after his altercation with Jack Tarcycki. Man of the match awards went to Michal Oravec and Will Sanderson.

Written by Lee Allen.

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