Standings 21/22

Here are the latest standings of all competitions in which the Invicta Dynamos are competing in 2021/22. Tables can be sorted by clicking the headers at the top of each column.

NIHL South Division 1

Chelmsford Chieftains16722580433720
Invicta Dynamos181010789711822
Junior Raiders1760294572-2711
Milton Keynes Thunder170111550144-943
Oxford City Stars19511124976-2710
Slough Jets1891175555021
Solent Devils1891176359421
Streatham IHC1614101100376330
Bristol Pitbulls13800561352616

HOW IT WORKS: Teams will play each other four times on a two at home and two away basis for a total of 32 league fixtures. The team finishing in first place after 32 games will be crowned NIHL South Division 1 champions 2021/22 and progress to play the NIHL North Division 1 champions in a National Final to be held at Coventry on Sunday 1st May 2022.

NIHL Southern Cup


Invicta Dynamos8510248311712
Streatham IHC8610148202814
Junior Raiders830232938-98
Milton Keynes Thunder800081982-630
Chelmsford Chieftains831134720279

Outcome: Streatham IHC and Invicta Dynamos progress to the semi-finals.


Bristol Pitbulls6200316884
Oxford City Stars610051125-142
Slough Jets64101128410
Solent Devils63011131127


1st leg – Sat 11th Dec: Solent Devils 0v2 Streatham IHC
2nd leg – Sun 12th Dec: Streatham IHC 4v0 Solent Devils
Streatham IHC win 6-0 in aggregate.

1st leg – Sat 11th Dec: Slough Jets 2v2 Invicta Dynamos
2nd leg – Sun 12th Dec: Invicta Dynamos 3v2 Slough Jets
Invicta Dynamos win 5-4 on aggregate.


1st leg – Sat 15th Jan: Invicta Dynamos 1v7 Streatham IHC
2nd leg – Sun 16th Jan: Streatham IHC 16v1 Invicta Dynamos
Streatham IHC win 23-2 on aggregate.

Outcome: Streatham IHC are the NIHL Southern Cup Winners 2021/22.

London Cup

Chelmsford Chieftains410031116-5-1
Invicta Dynamos43001211566
Junior Raiders400041128-170
Streatham IHC44000259168

HOW IT WORKS: Teams will play each other twice on a one at home and one away basis for a total of six fixtures. The team finishing in first position after six games will be crowned ‘London Cup’ champions 2021/22.

NIHL Southern Playoffs

HOW IT WORKS: The top eight sides in the NIHL South Division 1 after all league games have been completed will progress to the playoffs. Beginning on the weekend of 16th and 17th April 2022 the eight sides will then face off in two legged quarterfinals played on a one at home and one away basis with matchups determined by league position as follows – 1st v 8th, 2nd v 7th, 3rd v 6th, 4th v 5th. The four remaining teams will then progress to a finals weekend to be held over the 23rd and 24th April 2022.

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