Standings 19/20

Here are the latest standings of all competitions in which the Invicta Dynamos are competing in 2019/20. Tables can be sorted by clicking the headers at the top of each column.

NIHL South Division 1

Bracknell Hornets36143116148154-635
Cardiff Fire366002896236-14012
Chelmsford Chieftains36220551761007649
Invicta Dynamos361602161741581634
Junior Raiders36111021165187-2224
Milton Keynes Thunder363212764216-15211
Oxford City Stars36102217120149-2926
Slough Jets36133213131124734
Solent Devils3622425175938254
Streatham IHC36320012195116864

NOTE: Fixtures in the final two weeks of the regular season were cancelled and points awarded due to the Coronavirus outbreak (Covid-19).

OUTCOME: Streatham IHC are the NIHL South Champions 2019/20.

NIHL Southern Cup

Haringey Huskies41003929-202
Invicta Dynamos410031820-22
Streatham IHC44000286228


Sat 15th Feb: Invicta Dynamos 3v7 Streatham IHC
Sun 16th Feb: Streatham IHC 6v2 Invicta Dynamos
Streatham IHC win 13-5 on aggregate.

OUTCOME: Streatham IHC are the NIHL Southern Cup winners 2019/20.

NIHL Playoffs

The NIHL Playoffs were cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak (Covid-19).

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