Standings 2017/18

Here are the latest standings of all competitions in which the Invicta Dynamos are competing in 2017/18. Tables can be sorted by clicking the headers at the top of each column.

NIHL South Division 1

Basingstoke Bison3226204158609856
Bracknell Bees321332141371251234
Cardiff Fire320022941223-1823
Invicta Dynamos326341988137-4922
London Raiders321621131211061537
Milton Keynes Thunder326361674120-4625
Peterborough Phantoms3223423159699056
Streatham IHC32131117114110429
Swindon Wildcats3218446150925848

OUTCOME: Basingstoke Bison are the NIHL South Division 1 champions 2017/18.


Group A

Solway Sharks8600241281312
Blackburn Hawks840043541-68
Billingham Stars820062936-74

Group B

Hull Pirates741022730-310
Sheffield Steeldogs830142936-77
Peterborough Phantoms730043828106

NOTE: Remaining Hull Pirates v Peterborough Phantoms game void as fixture could not be scheduled.

Group C

Streatham IHC8800035171816
Invicta Dynamos800171542-271
London Raiders83104322398

Group D

Telford Tigers1261143833515
Basingstoke Bison1241163741-411
Swindon Wildcats12820246351120
Bracknell Bees1220283547-126


Sat 6th Jan: Blackburn Hawks 3v4 Hull Pirates
Sun 7th Jan: Hull Pirates 12v3 Blackburn Hawks
Hull Pirates win 16-6 on aggregate.

Sat 13th Jan: Swindon Wildcats 8v0 London Raiders
Sun 14th Jan: London Raiders 2v6 Swindon Wildcats
Swindon Wildcats win 14-2 on aggregate.

Sun 14th Jan: Streatham IHC 2v5 Telford Tigers
Sat 20th Jan: Telford Tigers 4v4 Streatham IHC
Telford Tigers win 9-6 on aggregate.

Sat 20th Jan: Solway Sharks 2v6 Sheffield Steeldogs
Sun 21st Jan: Sheffield Steeldogs 4v2 Solway Sharks
Sheffield Steeldogs win 10-4 on aggregate.


Sat 14th Feb: Swindon Wildcats 3v3 Telford Tigers
Tues 20th Feb: Telford Tigers 1v5 Swindon Wildcats
Swindon Wildcats win 8-4 on aggregate.

Sat 2nd Feb: Sheffield Steeldogs 3v2 Hull Pirates
Sun 3rd Feb: Hull Pirates 1v3 Sheffield Steeldogs
Sheffield Steeldogs win 6-3 on aggregate.


Swindon Wildcats will play Sheffield Steeldogs in the final. Dates TBC.

NIHL South Playoffs


Sat 17th Mar: Basingstoke Bison 6v0 Invicta Dynamos
Sun 18th Mar: Invicta Dynamos 1v7 Basingstoke Bison
Basingstoke Bison win 13-1 on aggregate.

Sat 17th Mar: Peterborough Phantoms 4v1 Milton Keynes Thunder
Sun 18th Mar: Milton Keynes Thunder 2v7 Peterborough Phantoms
Peterborough Phantoms win 11-3 on aggregate.

Sat 17th Mar: Streatham IHC 0v2 Swindon Wildcats
Sun 18th Mar: Swindon Wildcats 4v2 Streatham IHC
Swindon Wildcats win 6-2 on aggregate.

Sat 17th Mar: Bracknell Bees 5v6 London Raiders
Sun 18th Mar: London Raiders 4v2 Bracknell Bees
London Raiders win 10-7 on aggregate.


Sat 24th Mar: London Raiders 4v7 Basingstoke Bison
Sun 25th Mar: Basingstoke Bison 3v0 Basingstoke Bison
Basingstoke Bison 10-4 on aggregate.

Sat 24th Mar: Swindon Wildcats 4v2 Peterborough Phantoms*
Sun 25th Mar: Peterborough Phantoms 4v6 Swindon Wildcats
*Game awarded 5-0 to Peterborough Phantoms after Swindon Wildcats iced an ineligible player.
Peterborough Phantoms win 9-6 on aggregate.


Sat 31st Mar: Peterborough Phantoms v Basingstoke Bison
Sun 1st Apr: Basingstoke Bison v Peterborough Phantoms

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