Standings 16/17

Here are the latest standings of all competitions in which the Invicta Dynamos are competing. Tables can be sorted by clicking the headers at the top of each column.


Streatham IHC28152119486832
Solent Devils281121591102-1124
Oxford City Stars2812412122114828
Milton Keynes Thunder28921791125-3420
London Raiders281141392105-1326
Invicta Dynamos2816210113991434
Chelmsford Chieftains2825211817810352
Bracknell Hornets28242267142-758

HOW IT WORKS: Teams will play each other four times on a two at home and two away basis for a total of 28 league fixtures. The team placed first after 28 games will be crowned NIHL South Division 1 champions 2016/17. All teams will progress to the NIHL Southern Playoffs in April 2017.

OUTCOME: Chelmsford Chieftains are the NIHL South Division 1 champions 2016/17.

NOTE: The Wightlink Raiders withdrew from league competition on 23/10/2016.


Chelmsford Chieftains62041620-44
Invicta Dynamos65012719810
London Raiders6312262247
Streatham IHC61141523-83


Sat 25th Feb: Streatham IHC 2v7 Invicta Dynamos
Sun 26th Feb: Invicta Dynamos 5v2 Streatham IHC
Invicta Dynamos win 12-4 on aggregate.

Sat 25th Feb: London Raiders 2v3 Chelmsford Chieftains
Sun 26th Feb: Chelmsford Chieftains 5v0 London Raiders
Chelmsford Chieftains win 8-2 on aggregate.


Sat 18th Mar: Chelmsford Chieftains 4v3 Invicta Dynamos
Sun 19th Mar: Invicta Dynamos 2v4 Chelmsford Chieftains
Chelmsford Chieftains win 8-5 on aggregate.

OUTCOME: Chelmsford Chieftains are the NIHL Southern Cup Winners 2016/17.

NOTE: The Wightlink Raiders withdrew from cup competition on 23/10/2016.



Sat 25th Mar: Bracknell Hornets 2v4 Chelmsford Chieftains
Sun 26th Mar: Chelmsford Chieftains v Bracknell Hornets

Sat 25th Mar: Invicta Dynamos 3v1 Milton Keynes Thunder
Sun 26th Mar: Milton Keynes Thunder v Invicta Dynamos

Sat 25th Mar: Solent Devils 2v2 Streatham IHC
Sun 26th Mar: Streatham IHC v Solent Devils

Sat 25th Mar: London Raiders 4v2 Oxford City Stars
Sun 26th Mar: Ocxford City Stars v London Raiders

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