Standings 2014/15

Here are the latest standings of all competitions in which the Invicta Dynamos are competing. Tables can be sorted by clicking the headers at the top of each column.


Wightlink Raiders3620791641075747
Streatham Redskins36232111871414648
Solent Devils3613122151175-2427
Oxford City Stars367425143230-8718
Milton Keynes Thunder3616515127118937
London Raiders369324120191-7121
Invicta Dynamos36250112021406250
Chelmsford Chieftains362655163798457
Cardiff NIHL Devils367326100192-9217
Bracknell Hornets36174151511351638

OUTCOME: The Chelmsford Chieftains are the NIHL South Division 1 champions. The Cardiff NIHL Devils are relegated to the NIHL South Division 2.

NIHL Southern Cup

Streatham Redskins4211222115
London Raiders40041236-240
Invicta Dynamos43103815237


Sat 28th Feb: Streatham Redskins 3 v 4 Chelmsford Chieftains
Sun 1st Mar: Chelmsford Chieftains 4 v 5 Streatham Redskins
Tie finishes 8-8 on aggregate. Chelmsford Chieftains win on penalty shots.

Sat 28th Feb: Wightlink Raiders 3 v 2 Invicta Dynamos
Sun 1st Mar: Invicta Dynamos 7 v 3 Wightlink Raiders
Invicta Dynamos win 9-6 on aggregate.


Sat 28th Mar: Chelmsford Chieftains 4 v 4 Invicta Dynamos
Sun 29th Mar: Invicta Dynamos 5 v 3 Chelmsford Chieftains
Invicta Dynamos win 9-7 on aggregate.

OUTCOME: The Invicta Dynamos are the NIHL Southern Cup winners.

NIHL Southern Playoffs


Sat 4th Apr: London Raiders 3 v 6 Chelmsford Chieftains
Sun 5th Apr: Chelmsford Chieftains 4 v 2 London Raiders
Chelmsford Chieftains win 10-5 on aggregate.

NOTE: Both games were awarded 5-0 to London Raiders after Chelmsford Chieftains iced an ineligible player.

Sat 4th Apr: Solent Devils 3 v 3 Invicta Dynamos
Sun 5th Apr: Invicta Dynamos 8 v 7 Solent Devils
Invicta Dynamos win 11-10 on aggregate.

Sat 4th Apr: Streatham Redskins 2 v 2 Milton Keynes Thunder
Sun 5th Apr: Milton Keynes Thunder 7 v 2 Streatham Redskins
Milton Keynes Thunder win 9-4 on aggregate.

Sat 4th Apr: Wightlink Raiders 5 v 3 Bracknell Hornets
Sun 5th Apr: Bracknell Hornets 2 v 6 Wightlink Raiders
Wightlink Raiders win 11-5 on aggregate.


Sat 11th Apr: Wightlink Raiders 12 v 6 London Raiders
Sun 12th Apr: London Raiders 3 v 8 Wightlink Raiders
Wightlink Raiders win 20-9 on aggregate.

Sat 11th Apr: Milton Keynes Thunder 1 v 3 Invicta Dynamos
Sun 12th Apr: Invicta Dynamos 6 v 4 Milton Keynes Thunder
Invicta Dynamos win 9-5 on aggregate.


Sat 18th Apr: Wightlink Raiders 3 v 2 Invicta Dynamos
Sun 19th Apr: Invicta Dynamos 4 v 6 Wightlink Raiders
Wightlink Raiders win 9-6 on aggregate.

OUTCOME: The Wightlink Raiders are the NIHL Southern Playoff champions.

English Challenge Cup

Guildford Flames1410103682822
Milton Keynes Lightning1410022693422
Swindon Wildcats149203582922
Basingstoke Bison1410013663321
Bracknell Bees146008464712
Chelmsford Chieftains143001134586
Wightlink Raiders142001224774
Invicta Dynamos143001139986

HOW IT WORKS: The teams will play each other twice on a one at home and one away basis. Games between NIHL and EPL teams will be played to NIHL rules. Results between NIHL sides will be taken from league meetings.

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