Thirkettle double shoots down the Jets

6_slough_121019Luke Thirkettle’s first senior goals for the Invicta Dynamos as part of the team’s best away performance of the season so far was enough to secure both points from a road game in Slough on Saturday night.

With Gregor McAllan, Brandon Webster, Owen Dell and Owen Rider all missing the Mos had 16 players available to them. The Slough Jets were missing three players including Lewis English.

Zach Grandy-Smith started in the net for the Dynamos and he was called into action on 02:40 when Jacob Soper was put in a great shooting position – only for the netminder to deny him. The Dynamos then built-up an attack and on 02:59 they took the early lead with Anthony Leone striking past Matt Smital assisted by Juraj Huska and Tom Davis.

The visitors then had their first powerplay on 05:20 when Tom Davis was tripped in front of referee Cuglietta by Harry Harcup but other than an attempt from Davis himself the away side didn’t get too many opportunities to shoot at the Slough net. Once back to full strength Slough’s Sean Norris sped at the Dynamos with Lillis closing him down. Norris managed to get a shot at Grandy-Smith but it was an easy save for the netminder.

The Mos lost the services of Henry Aiken for the remainder of the 1st period on 14:09 when he smashed into Handisides and was penalised for boarding (2+10 minutes). Sean Norris then carried the puck towards Grandy-Smith’s right post but his backhand shot had insufficient power on it to trouble the netminder. On 15:58 the Mos were down to 3 skaters for 11 seconds when import Filip Sedivy sat two penalty minutes for holding. They were back to four skaters when Slough did get on the scoreboard on 16:58 – Grandy-Smith making a save but Sam Talbot on hand to beat him on the rebound assisted by Norris and Rose for 1-1.

The first real opportunity in the 2nd period fell the way of Jake Stedman who, after creating an opportunity for himself, saw Smital deny him in the 25th minute. Aiken had barely been allowed back on the ice when he was then sent back to the penalty box on 27:26, this time for tripping. Yet it was Filip Sedivy who glided past a Slough player whilst on the shorthand attack but just couldn’t find Stedman for a shooting opportunity.

Once the Mos were back to full strength the impressive Kieron Jones knocked the puck wide to Sedivy who carried the play forward and a pinpoint pass to Luke Thirkettle enabled the youngster to blast beyond Smital for 2-1 to the Mos on 31:13.

The Dynamos were piling on the pressure and as a consequence they forced Timo Lindren into a slashing penalty on 32:27 for another powerplay. The away side capitalised when Arran Strawson shot the puck against the right post and into the net for 3-1 on 34:12 with assists coming from Giles and Huska.

The Mos should have gone 4-1 up moments later when Tom Davis was presented with a chance in front of goal however he screwed his shot wide of the mark. The visitors then paid for that miss when Handisides and Underdown linked-up to assist for Dan Rose to strike into the Invicta net and cut the deficit to 4-2.

In the final period the Dynamos grabbed a vital goal on 49:26 to give them back a two goal cushion – Farrell knocked the puck to Stedman who drove forward and teed-up Redmond to tuck past Smital for 4-2.
A big cheer from both sets of fans came in the 54th minute when Tom Davis and Henry Aiken both went in to perform a hit on Talbot but referee Cuglietta was in the way and ended-up being knocked down to the ice.

The Dynamos then safe guarded the points on 56:45 when Luke Thirkettle tucked away his second of the evening on 56:45 – Lillis and Sedivy assisting to finish the scoreline at 5-2 to the Mos.

Slough Points: L. Underdown 0+1, S. Norris 0+1, D. Rose 1+1, R. Handisides 0+1, S. Talbot 1+0

Invicta Points: K. Jones 0+1, L. Thirkettle 2+0, J. Stedman 0+1, T. Davis 0+1, C. Redmond 1+0, A. Leone 1+0, E. Farrell 0+1, A. Strawson 1+0, H. Lillis 0+1, J. Huska 0+2, R. Giles 0+1, F. Sedivy 0+2

Slough: M. Smital (Slough) – 86.84% (38 shots / 5 goals)
Z. Grandy-Smith (Dynamos) – 95.56% (41 shots / 2 goals)

Penalty Minutes:
Slough: 8
Invicta: 18

Man of the Match:
Slough: Timo Lindgren
Invicta: Juraj Huska

Written by Lee Allen.

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