Mos beaten by Bracknell in free scoring game

bracknell_061019Mistakes and poor defending contributed to the Dynamos falling to their first home league defeat against the Bracknell Hornets on Sunday as they lost out 9-7 in a frantic end-to-end encounter.

The clock was only showing 01:11 when Ben Ealey-Newman turned in an Elias flick to give the visitors a 1-0 lead. Half a minute later and the Mos then successfully defended an Elliot Farrell penalty for slashing. It was then Farrell who missed a great chance for the Dynamos when Sedivy found him for a back post finish but under pressure from the defence however he missed the shot.

Bracknell doubled their lead on 11:44 with former Dynamos forward Steve Osman striking a scrappy goal. With the home crowd quiet they could be forgiven for thinking worse was to come when Ryan Giles was called for slashing on 12.29 – however on the shorthand the hosts pulled a goal back to make it 2-1 on 12:40 when Leone sped down the right collecting a pass from Aitken and swept over Annetts on the backhand from close right.

The home side were on a 5-on-3 penalty kill for 15 seconds when Harrison Lillis was penalised for delay of game but the Mos were soon back to full strength and the score remained 2-1 at the end of the 1st period.

The Mos made a perfect start to the 2nd period with a goal on 20.33 through Juraj Huska – the Slovak shooting low into the far corner for 2-2. On 23.44 Leone then sped down the right flank and swept the puck across the goal for Tom Davis to force in at the back stick for a 3-2 lead. The home faithful soon had a fourth goal to cheer on 28.42 with Leone grabbing his second of the evening with Davis the architect.

Despite the positive start, Steve Osman reduced the lead on 29.02 when he made it 4-3. With Ryan Giles sitting a hooking penalty on 30.11 the main focus was keeping Bracknell at bay – but Huska had better ideas on 31.59 when he fired in for 5-3 making no mistake on a breakaway by drilling beyond Annetts for a second shorthanded goal of the night.

Once again Bracknell replied back on 32.57 with Ben Ealey-Newman converting from the right circle for 5-4. The shorthanded goals continued – but not in Dynamos favour on this occasion. With Danny Hughes sitting a hooking penalty the shorthanded Hornets made it 5-5 on 36.03 with Michael Stratford ghosting in behind Giles to go clear and tucking under Dibble. The goal frenzy continued – Huska claiming his hat-trick on 37.40 when he fired through the pads of Annetts from wide left for the Dynamos to take a 6-5 lead into the final period.

The Bracknell Hornets drew level again in the third with Ben Ealey-Newman driving beyond Dibble from the right circle for 6-6. Disaster for the Mos then occurred on 53.02 with Steve Osman sweeping in his hat-trick goal to provide the visitors with a 6-7 advantage. The hosts were now desperate to get back on level terms but when Luke Thirkettle caught the trailing leg of Harvey Hind-Pitcher on 56:39 it provided Bracknell with a Powerplay that the home side positively defended but had little opportunity to break forward.

Heads dropped on 58.40 when Ben Ealey-Newman struck from the left circle to give the Hornets a two goal cushion. Invicta immediately called a timeout and pulled netminder Dibble. The gamble paid off with Tom Davis drilling into the roof of the net from the right of the blue line for 7-8 – but, on 59.39 – Ben Ealey-Newman beat Dibble once more to claim his fifth goal of the match and finish the scoring at 7-9.

Invicta Points: H. Aiken 0+2, J. Stedman 0+1, T. Davis 2+1, A. Leone 2+1, E. Farrell 0+1, A. Strawson 0+1, J. Huska 3+1
Bracknell Points: T. Elias 0+1, D. Hughes 0+1, M. Stratford 1+1, H. Hind-Pitcher 0+1, B. Ealey-Newman 5+0, S. Osman 3+2

Invicta : J. Dibble (Dynamos) – 77.50% (40 shots / 9 goals)
Bracknell: T. Annetts (Bracknell) – 82.93% (41 shots / 7 goals)

Penalty Minutes:
Invicta: 18
Bracknell: 8

Man of the Match:
Invicta: Juraj Huska
Bracknell: Ben Ealey-Newman

Written by Lee Allen.

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