Welcome to the Dark Horse Dynasty!

New league, new owners, new coach, new players – a new dynasty has begun at the Invicta Dynamos. Welcome to The Dark Horse Dynasty.

The dark horse laughs in the face of failure. The dark horse separates itself from the pack. The dark horse has grit and determination. The dark horse never, NEVER gives up. The dark horse will face obstacles. But the dark horse has to make a decision. Will he rise up?!

The Rise of the Dark Horse

Logo BlueThis off season club officials met with Matthew Murphy of Underline Creative and tasked him with piecing together a crest that stayed true to our 27 year history but equally provided a fresh and modern update. Here began The Dark Horse Dynasty.

Designer Matthew Murphy revealed his thought process saying, “New owners, new players, new identity. Not just a new look, but a new belief. We wanted to bring the fans and team something unique, something that belonged to them. An iconic motif that would encompass all that the Dynamos are. One that inspires not only at the top of your game, but also at the bottom. One that gives you the drive to keep winning and also to pick yourself back up if a moment, game or season doesn’t go your way.

Invicta is the motto of Kent. Symbolised as a white, rampant horse. It is Latin for undefeated or unconquered but this isn’t a fair representation. The game isn’t always clean, it isn’t white, and no team are invincible.

This is the Invicta Dynamos Dark Horse.

The Dark Horse is confrontational, he’s reared to the right not the left. He has dark side, he has grit. He never stops fighting and he won’t make it easy.

The logo is unique from a hand drawing, the three sticks represent the previous owners of the club and the shield is a nod to the classic Invictus crest“

A bright future

Logo White

Speaking on the club’s summer rebrand, co-owner Sarah Parrish said, “It’s no secret that the last few years have been incredibly challenging for us at the Invicta Dynamos but given all the changes both at the club and in the league this off season we see this moment as an opportunity to start afresh and rise again.

“In 2019/20 we will be competitive on the ice whilst off the ice we’ll be doing everything we can to engage with our fantastic supporters. On the back of this relaunch we’re looking to introduce a new and exciting range of merchandise allowing fans to proudly show their allegiance as well as potentially installing an online store. We hope that the supporters are as excited about the changes as we are and will continue to back us fervently when the new season gets underway in September.”

Fellow co-owner Kevin Parrish added, “This is a very exciting time for the Invicta Dynamos. The rebrand with Underline Creative has helped us reinvigorate the organisation and we’re riding a wave going into the new season. The dark horse logo pays tribute to our 27 year history but adds a modern twist. It’s a symbol that players, staff and supporters can all get behind. I can’t wait to see our new club crest on our jerseys and for the new dynasty to truly get underway on the ice in September.”

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