Shortbenched Mos sunk by Streatham

streatham_181118The 13 man Invicta Dynamos ran out of steam and conceded four in the final four minutes to lose out 7-1 at the hands of Streatham IHC on Sunday leaving them still on the hunt for their first league point.

The Dynamos were without Matt Foord due to injury along with Owen Dell and Arran Strawson. Streatham missed both Jordan and Nathan Gregory as well as Joshua Condren.

The first period opened with a goal from Streatham player Thomas Soar as he flung the puck behind Adam Long, giving them an early lead at 02:05. The Dynamos controlled most of the play as Callum Best pulled off a deke past Michael Farn and took a shot on Damien King who was in net for the visitors. Farn later fired a slapshot but was denied by Long.

Streatham increased their lead at 09:57 as Leigh Jamieson fired a shot at Long who thought he had grabbed it but the puck fell out of his glove and across the line. Conor Morris then took Long’s place in net after the second Streatham goal.

The Dynamos battled down into the Streatham end. Players stumbled in front of the target, Andy Munroe was fed the puck from Louis Colvin and manged to find the back of the Streatham net at 14:01.

Alex Roberts made his way to the crease and flicked the puck at goal but Morris denied him. Quiney then took a shot at the Dynamos netminder but Morris pushed the puck wide so at the end of the first period Streatham led 2-1.

The second frame began with big hits from both sides. Jamieson and Best collided and this continued after the whistle, Brandon Miles intervened but Jamieson did not want to know and returned to his bench.

Soon after, Anthony Leone tried to block a shot from Rupert Quiney but took the defenceman out as they both headed towards the Invicta net. The two players collided with Morris and the net, sending Morris flying and landing on his back.

Adam Wood increased Streatham’s lead to 3-1 as he pushed the puck past Morris’s pads and into the net at 33:03. The visitors tried their luck at another goal but Munroe intercepted Soar. The two ended up on the floor by the left goal post with Munroe laying on top of the Streatham player.

Jacob Ranson tried to beat Ryan Morgan to the puck in the corner, but the Invicta player left himself vulnerable and Ranson threw him into the boards and Morgan fell to the floor. Morgan retaliated and the two pushed and shoved. Miles skated over and Ranson stood face to face with him before the two were separated by officials. The Dynamos fans were not happy with the hit and started to taunt Ranson who gave a sarcastic nod to the score board. Second period ends with Streatham leading 3-1.

The third period mirrored the previous two with hard hits and slashes. Joe Allen flattened Jamieson against the boards – the Streatham player was not pleased but Allen had already sped off chasing the puck.

Soar was left alone on the breakaway with only Morris to beat and seemed like he was going to pose problems but the Streatham player tripped over his own feet and fell. Scott Bailey carried the puck up the boards but Best came skating in and shoved the winger into the boards which won him possession of the puck.

The visitors continued to put Morris to the test half way through the period as Ryan Webb and Roberts beat the Dynamos defence and were left alone with the netminder – Morris saved both attempts from the pair however Ranson roofed a rebound from a Farn shot over Morris’s pad after the face off which made the score 4-1 to Streatham at 56:45.

Seconds later Roberts scored past Morris increasing their lead once again to make it 5-1. Miles tried to take the puck from Siagris against the boards, but the Streatham player managed to kick it away. As Siagris skated away Miles shoved the back of Siagris’ head, sending him to the ice. Miles was given a two minute penalty for roughing. Streatham scored a goal during their powerplay as Soar fired into the net from a pass sent by Siagris, timed at 59:26. Ranson then ended the game by rounding off Streatham’s win – his second goal of the night past Morris with eight seconds left of play.

Dynamos battled hard during the first and second period but lost their fight at the end of the third which led to a dramatic increase in goals for Streatham. Both teams used physicality to push past the other, but Streatham were able to put more goals past Long and Morris.

Invicta: Andy Munroe (1+0), Louis Colvin (0+1), Harrison Lillis (0+1)

Streatham: Thomas Soar (2+1), Jacob Ranson (2+1), Leigh Jamieson (1+2), Alex Roberts (1+0), Adam Wood (1+0), Michael Farn (0+2), Andreas Siagris (0+2), Scott Bailey (0+1), Rupert Quiney (0+1)

Written by Hannah Lawrence.

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