Giles tallies but Bees take points


Match report

Ryan Giles fired in from the blue line but it was not enough to help the Invicta Dynamos secure their first win of the season as they fell 6-1 at the hands of the league leading Bracknell Bees on Sunday night.

Goals from Edward Knaggs, Brendan Baird, Aidan Doughty, David Millner, Scott Spearing and Zach Milton sealed the points for Doug Shephard’s side to keep them at the top of the table.

Dynamos put their financial worries behind them, after revealing they needed to raise funds to help them survive, and took to the ice with a full roster. Bees however were missing Shaun Thompson, Vanya Antonov and Josh Smith – the latter due to being cut in the throat by a skate a few weeks ago.

Before the start of the first period Dynamos Joe Allen received a 10 minute misconduct penalty for leaving the blue line before the end of the national anthem. A controversial call which confused and angered the players and fans.
Conor Morris started in goal for the Dynamos and Danny Milton for the Bees.

Bees opened the scoring as Edward Knaggs netted a powerplay goal by slipping the puck past Morris two minutes into the first period. A physical game saw Jake Steadman perform a big mid-ice hit on Harvey Stead which left the Bees player on the ice.

Harrison Lillis and Ryan Watt tangled after a hit against the boards. Both players dropped their gloves, Watt took a few swings at Lillis but missed. Both wrestled and landed a few punches until the linesmen split them. Both players got 2+2 for fighting and Watt received an additional two minute penalty for cross checking.

Dynamos Ryan Giles rocketed a slapshot from the blue line which flew over the shoulder of Milton and into the top left corner giving the Dynamos a powerplay goal and levelling the score with five minutes left of the period. Bees quickly retaliated with a goal from Brendan Baird as his fellow team-mates screened Morris. End of the first period and the Bracknell Bees lead 2-1.

The second period began with a shot from Aidan Doughty which flew off the mask of Morris. Arran Strawson fired a shot at Milton but the Bees keeper saved. Bees David Millner was tricked by Strawson and Ondrej Zosiak as the defensive pair passed the puck back and forth sending the Bees player skating backwards and forward which amused the fans.

Goal number three for the Bees was scored by Aidan Doughty who managed to sweep the puck into the net from close range. The minutes that followed the Bees goal were controversial as the referee sent Steadman to the penalty box, followed by Callum Best, which left the Dynamos with only three skaters. Just as the Dynamos regained a player, Zosiak was given a two minute penalty, causing yet another 5 on 3 opportunity for the Bees. Yet again as soon as the Dynamos battled to keep the Bees at bay and received their fourth player back, Anthony Leone was given a two minute penalty. The linesman stopped the fourth man from returning to the ice even after the penalty was served causing the Bees Millner to score. The Dynamos bench and crowd were furious with the officials. The hosts battled hard, but it was all undone by the string of consecutive penalties late on in the period, Bracknell Bees led 4-1.

After a frustrating second period the Dynamos team returned to the ice. Not even two minutes in Scott Spearing scored on the breakaway which increased the visitors lead to 5-1. Dynamos were soon back down to three skaters as Best and Foord were sent to the penalty box. They successfully killed the penalties, but with the Bees dominating the game Zach Milton secured the sixth goal for the visitors as he fired the puck from a rebound. Dynamos called for a time out at 54:01.

Just over 2 minutes remained of the third period when Spearing was given two minutes for holding with the Dynamos trying to pin the Bees in their own end on the powerplay. It was the Dynamos turn to play 5 on 3 after Stuart Mogg was sent to the box to sit alongside Spearing which gave the Dynamos a powerplay until the end of the game. Nothing was gained, and the game ended 6-1 to the Bracknell Bees.

The Invicta Dynamos battled hard but lost out after a controversial string of penalties in the second period. Bracknell dominated the scoring, securing them the two points.

Invicta: Ryan Giles 1+0, Callum Best 0+1, Edmund Piacka 0+1

Bracknell: Aidan Doughty 1+1, Brendan Baird 1+1, Scott Spearing 1+1, Edward Knaggs 1+0, David Millner 1+0, Zach Milton 1+0, Roman Malinik 0+1, Ryan Watt 0+1, Harvey Stead 0+1, Josh Martin 0+1, Stuart Mogg 0+1

Written by Hannah Lawrence.

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