Mos overpowered by Peterborough

banner_peterborough_281018It was a 9-2 home defeat for the Invicta Dynamos on Sunday night as they were overpowered by the Peterborough Phantoms despite goals from Edmund Piacka and Anthony Leone.

Dynamos were without Ondrej Zosiak but saw the return of Harrison Lillis. The visitors were missing captain James Ferrara, Ross Clarke, Craig Ellis, Jack Escott and Jarvis Hunt.

The two Dynamos goals who were scored by Edmund Piacka and Anthony Leone were not enough to make a comeback from the nine goals scored by the Phantoms.

Both teams showed dominance, Phantoms with skill and Dynamos with physicality. Joe Allen fired a slapshot on Jordan Marr but it flew over the top of the net. Owen Del alsol had a try at the Phantoms netminder with a wrist shot but could not get it past Marr.

Phantoms took shots on Conor Morris, and it was Ales Padelek who opened the scoring with a shot past the netminder. Dynamos pinned the Phantoms in their end as they took several shots on Marr who saved them all. Peterborough took control and Petr Stepanek cannoned a slapshot towards the Invicta net but missed. End of a scrappy first period saw the Phantoms leading 1-0.

The second period saw Peterborough Phantoms dominate and increase their lead to 2-0 as Robert Ferrara scored past Morris. Another quick goal from Corey McEwan saw retaliation from the Dynamos as they fought for the goal to be disallowed but the referee denied them. A minute later Bradley Bowering increased the lead to 4-0.

Dynamos battled for their first goal but ended up back in their own end. Phantoms player William Weldon lifted the puck over Morris’s shoulder and into the net for 5-0 to the Phantoms. Morris then tried to switch with Long in net but was not given permission. Phantoms thought they had scored again but the referee wiped the goal as the Phantoms player kicked the puck.

Morris and Stepanek exchanged shoves after the whistle and thinking there may be a fight to come the refs intervened. Morris threw the puck onto the ice and received a two minute penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. A scrappy last few minutes of the period then saw Harrison Lillis and Stepanek exchange rough shoves and almost fight after Stepanek charged at Lillis. Referees once again intervene. End of the second period with Peterborough leading 5-0.

The start of the third period saw Marr switch with Ryan Bainborough. A sixth goal from the Phantoms was scored by Stepanek quickly followed by a seventh on the powerplay from Glenn Billing close right. An irritated Morris left the ice after the goal and Adam Long took his place, however a change in netminder did not stop the Phantoms as Pollard shot the puck past Long moments later to make the score 8-0.

The disheartened Dynamos fought back and carried the puck down to the Phantoms zone – Callum Best skated down the right wing and took a shot on net which Bainborough saved only for Piacka to fire in the rebound finally putting the Dynamos on the score with less than 10 minutes left to play.

The small victory was soon taken away as Bowering wristed the puck into the Invicta net. Stepanek then skated past the defence and was left with Long but was denied as the netminder holds the puck. With two minutes left of the period, captain Anthony Leone found the puck at the edge of the crease and lifted it over Bainborough for the last of the night that cut the deficit to 9-2.

So it was a scrappy game and one that saw the Peterborough Phantoms dominate for a winning margin of seven goals. The Dynamos fought hard but it was not enough to challenge their opponents.

Invicta: Edmund Piacka 1+0, Anthony Leone 1+0, Callum Best 0+1, Ryan Morgan 0+1, Martin Susters 0+1, Louis Colvin 0+1.

Peterborough: Bradley Bowering 2+1, Petr Stepanek 1+1, Ales Padelek 1+1, Nathan Pollard 1+0, William Weldon 1+0, Robert Ferrara 1+0, Corey McEwan 1+0, Glenn Billing 1+0, Scott Robson 0+2, James White 0+2, Thomas Norton 0+1, Callum Buglass 0+1, Nathan Long 0+1.

Written by Hannah Lawrence.



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