Playoff fixtures reversed after MK left with no ice

playoffs_mk_170317The Invicta Dynamos playoff quarterfinal fixtures against the Milton Keynes Thunder have today been reversed after the Buckinghamshire side were unable to obtain ice time Saturday resulting in the first leg now taking place in Gillingham on Saturday 25th March instead of Sunday as planned.

Having finished higher in the league than their playoff opponents the Dynamos earned the right to choose the order of the fixtures and opted to host the 2nd leg at the SilverBlades Gillingham thereby securing home advantage for the final fixture. However Milton Keynes have been unable to obtain the required ice time to hold the 1st leg on Saturday and the EIHA have advised that the game will be recorded as a 0-0 draw if it is not played.

Forced to decide between a one game shoot out for the right to progress to the semi-finals or reversing the fixtures to compete over two legs the Invicta Dynamos have agreed to instead host the opening leg at the SilverBlades on Saturday 25th March before travelling to Milton Keynes for the second leg on Sunday 26th March. Whilst this is not the club’s preference we believe it is right that the tie be played over two games as intended and, also taking into account the spirit of the playoffs, we consider this to be the correct decision given the options available.

We apologise to our supporters for any inconvenience caused and hope that you will still all be able to join us to support your Invicta Dynamos as they begin their playoff charge in Gillingham on Saturday 25th March.


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