Parrish on the hunt after Joonas no-show

Invicta Dynamos Head Coach Kevin Parrish has confirmed that he is back on the hunt for a new import defenceman after Finnish blue liner Joonas Liimatainen failed to arrive in the UK despite agreeing a switch to Gillingham at the end of October.

JoonasLiimatainen_banner_26101423 year old Joonas Liimatainen was announced by the Invicta Dynamos three weeks ago and was set to bring his Elite League and SM-Liiga experience to the Silver Blades for the remainder of the 2014/15 campaign. However despite offering repeated assurances that he would arrive in Kent in the near future the Finnish skater has failed to depart his home nation forcing the Mos to now make alternative arrangements and complete their roster by looking elsewhere.

Speaking on the latest developments to KentSportsNews, Head Coach Kevin Parrish said, “I spoke to Joonas on Monday and he claimed to still have the issue with his customised skates that prevented him arriving last week. Since then I have sent him emails and phoned him on Friday but I haven’t heard back from him and so we can now say that it seems 98% likely that he isn’t coming over. With these excuses coming up we have to begin to question whether he really wants to be here anyway and consider that he might just come over for a couple of weeks and then decide to return home again which puts us right back where we started”.

Parrish then revealed that Liimatainen’s no-show had left the club out of pocket when he said, “We’re now in the situation where we have spent out about a thousand pounds on an ITC (international Transfer Card) and shirts for a player without any productivity coming from it. With the small budget we have we need to find some money quickly as obviously we don’t plan for issues like these and it will cost us the same again when we find his replacement. As a result if there is anyone out there or any business interested in sponsoring the new arrival for the year we will be more than happy to sit down, have a chat and see what advertising we could do in return”.

Speaking of potential replacements Parrish added, “I’m disappointed with the way things have played out with Joonas as I was looking forward to working with him but as a club it’s important that we now move on. I’ve already sent out a few emails and made a couple of phone calls and I have one guy that is interested but I want to make sure any deal is legally binding before a final decision is made. For the moment I’m not going to announce anything probably until the Saturday of the player’s first game to avoid tempting fate and when he comes here I’m handcuffing him to his stall and he’s not leaving!”

Despite the disappointment of losing out on defenceman Joonas Liimatainen the Invicta Dynamos still completed a four point weekend after overcoming the Cardiff NIHL Devils 9-3 in Wales before beating the Milton Keynes Thunder 2-1 back home. They are now next in action on Saturday as they travel to Bracknell to face the Bees before returning to the Silver Blades for another clash with EPL opposition as the Guildford Flames arrive in Kent.

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